There seems to be so much going on all the time these days that it’s challenging to keep track of what is what, and where we are at. The world we live in seems to be going faster and faster, with the focus often on the doing and achieving of results, and planning for a future that sits somewhere in the distance, but isn’t here now. Being caught up in this continual treadmill can consume us, and before we know it we may find that we have neglected the things that really matter, and forgotten to ask ourselves what we want to do right now. Making the time to have a break as often as possible is the key to life, and actually helps us to be ready for what life throws our way in the here and now. 

Stress Release

Stress is harmful to your mind, body and soul. Our bodies are built to cope with it in short bursts, and our body is made to roll with it to a certain degree, but prolonged stress over a period of time will lead to disease in the body. You may be able to manage 20 people at work, or 3 children at home, but taking the time to get away is an important part of managing yourself properly, so it is important to factor in time for breaks during your life.

Change of Scene

A change of scene does not need to mean planning big holidays off to Europe, or spending a lot of money. It can be as simple as getting away somewhere for the weekend, and changing the scene that you are viewing. According to researchers at the University of Michigan, study subjects had a 20% increased performance ability in their work tasks after taking a walk through trees. Check out some Sunshine Coast cheap accommodation options that will get you back to nature quicker.

Regroup and Restore

For families who are plodding along, and barely getting through life together with all the various stresses that come with it, taking a short break away together can be an excellent opportunity to connect, regroup and restore the family unit back to where it needs to be. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of what we need to do, children (whether young or old) are the lights of sunshine in our lives that just want to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Making time to actually be able to sit down with them and ‘smell the roses’ can mean the difference between children with issues, and children who shine.  


There doesn’t really seem to be that many opportunities to play when we are an adult. Once we hit adulthood it is almost like our obligations squeeze the good fun juice out of us, and before we know it we become withered old sagging sacks, often dragging ourselves through each day. If your days are starting to feel like that, then you need to book some Sunshine Coast weekend accommodation – stat. With beaches, trees, creeks and rolling green fields abounding in every direction, the opportunity to play could take you at any moment, and when it does, go with it, to wherever it takes you.


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